Friday, 3 July 2009

Pirate Craft Legionnaire

Phew for rain.

I have a languid dog poking me in the back with her stretch legs. I have my dressing gown on.

Hello.. :)

It's day-off day. Tomorrow, it is Saturday. Today might be Sewingday. Or Drawingday. I haven't decided, but Rosie (new friend from work) has inspired me to not be angst creative, just make stuff and not mind what happens. In her words, 'the more you make, the more ideas you have'. Like Sly Stallone saying 'DO IT' but differently. Thus endeth the "Chicken-egg-chicken-egg, oh I'm in a scramble, what to do?" - that thing. She has a soft spoken way. And she really likes making stuff, but is not stupidly young and out to prove her identity, so there is none of this:

"I am creating something.
I want it to be better
and cooler
than anything
or anyone else
is doing.

Look at how alternative I am.

I hate the term 'alternative'.
I prefer 'pirate craft legionnaire' as a definition of my role in the arts world."

(You know who you are. I don't really mind you. You're quite funny when you're not trying to be funny.)

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