Friday, 22 May 2009

Class Fizz

I have a finishing day.

Finishing days are mightily important, but also quite personal... I get a little bit- I can't think of the word,
so I am going to say POOKED - when people say, "Oh, you're leaving, are you excited/going to miss me/nervous?" and it spoils it a bit. Don't you think? It's something you relish quietly, after all those times you plodded on because you knew people were tired of hearing how much you needed to get out of a place. Still, the people are good at listening (to a point, but that line is important too) so it's probably only fair to humour them in these last days.

I have a finishing day..... yes :)

AND I was called today to ask if I want to increase my shifts by five hours a week, which is excellent because I was worried about making sure I made up the shortfall with overtime every week. Super mega bonus, thanks. And my boss to be always seems so happy when he calls...

MOST IMPORTANTLY - As s.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.n as I leave that place, we are getting FIZZ. Racing name: Clash Fizz; dam - Clash Eliza, sire - Teds Jo. This is important, pay attention. Born 4th September 2004, retired from racing February 17th, 2009. Visited (and reserved) at the Sheffield Retired Greyhounds' Trust on Saturday 16th May, last week, by Richard and I.

We're getting a dog!
I'll put a picture (or several) up once we have her home, no doubt.


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