Friday, 12 September 2008

Comedy amidst the coppers


Gaps again. I decided it'd be productive if nothing else to try and write in here every time anything makes me laugh, or I see something of note, or have a dead good thought. The laughing stuff is easiest (and the most fun, I reckon) so I'm starting with that today... If I can think of anything funny that happened today to penetrate this bank cashier's bullet-proof screen of depression and poor arithmetic.


Ok. Well, the other day I did a laugh when I saw Leah Crane having a little dance in the Works. Multi talented, that one. Oh, and before that, I was in a supermarket in... Firth Park, and the woman in front of me was paying for her stuff while a little girl, who wasn't hers but was with her, made a racket like two- or three-year-olds do. The woman (who was younger than me I reckon - woman maybe isn't the best description, but anyway...) explained to the cashier that the little girl was always itchy, always covered in big red rashes. (That'll be the Starburst. Can I pay for my dinner please?) The cashier's reply was 'Well, there's a lot of them flying ants around, isn't there?' 

Oh yeah, Them Flying Ants can be a bastard. I may be displaying my ignorance here, do educate me if this is the case, but I don't think ants can fly. They're pretty fast, they're of many numbers and they ate through my windowsill and deposited half a garden's worth of soil into my kitchen no problem, but i'm pretty sure they carry out all their missions from a land-base.

The two events are pretty non-related. I don't discriminate. You've got to get your laughs somewhere. For the record, the first just made me smile, it's nice to see someone enjoying themselves, but the second... well. You can't beat S5 for the 'would-be-funny-if-they-weren't-depressing' anecdotes.

Yesterday I had to laugh at James singing Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves but I'm not sure I can elaborate tooooo much in case it backfires on me. I might get cursed. Thought my sandwich was going to have a toad in it today. Mind, it would seem old Gypsy women just threaten to get their sons to beat you up these days. Ho hum. Today the woman on a mission to do her CHRISTMAS SHOPPING and ARRANGE THE FLOWERS AND PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE WEDDING, plonking her scooter helmet on in a most serious, lets-get-down-to-business style. The reconstruction for those who missed it was funnier. I won't attempt a re-reenactment here at the risk of destroying a moment of quality, but lets say it was enthused and ridiculously entertaining. Not as funny, however, as the attempts made not to laugh when the woman donned that helmet of determination. I used to be the king of comedy til James showed up. Curse the man. 

I've finished Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I'll miss it, it brightened many a dreary lunch hour in The Ghetto. Fortunately I've got plenty to read to take my mind off it. If I find anything else worth a mention, I'll be sure to - well, to mention. Probably a good time to say, any good recommendations, you can reply to this and let me know. I'll maybe get round to reading them in a few years after my entire collection of charity shop literature has been slowly eaten up, similar to the way Rita is attempting to get her entire head around that ridiculously large 'baby' rodent that I believe to be a rat baby. Rita is a snake; I get distracted easily.