Saturday, 12 July 2008

Bag Loser

I need to note down somewhere that I saw an AHED lorry today. As if they're even still around... AHED was one of the company names that used to be on the pads my Grandad brought home. You know when you don't see something for years and years and years...? Sat at work today, there was a big traffic jam (somebody on a bike was knocked over, I think; I'm all for cycling to save the planet but there are just too many cars about, talk about catch-22) and this big truck just plonked itself in front of the window, plain as daylight, for me to see. Well hello, big fat message, I can see you...

Been out for some drinks with my long lost Sheffield sisters, thrown together during the hardship months (we worked together at Vodka Rev; day shifts, you have no idea) - My little brownie is off to South America 'til September and we've swapped all sorts of things in fear that we might forget each other... which is silly, considering how close we are and how quickly that all came about. Ali and Elinor, my petal juice pots. Silly billies.  

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