Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Having had a think..

I used to have a list of all my favourite things. And I was thinking, what with not knowing where to start, that I would think of a favourite thing every time I write on my new blog. (I feel like a right new one. Normally I can't shut myself up, but it would appear that the limelight has taken away my edge temporarily..)

So. Last night it was the fact that Hollyoaks have a token Emo so they can mention AlexisOnFire and appeal to a 'wider audience' (thought of whilst cleaning the bath at work last night). And also, the terrible portrayal of aforementioned emo. Beautiful.

Today, it's probably the Dresden Dolls' diary suggestions for T-Shirt slogans (and the fact that dear Liz likes the Dresdens too. This can never be a bad thing). I do think though, that if I walk around now with 'WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME I'M AWESOME' written on my top that I won't feel quite as good as I would if I'd thought it up myself. Which leads me to my new favourite thing today. Thinking up things to write on T-shirts :) ...gives me something to do at work tonight.

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